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Tube Downloader Tool Bar Toolbar 6.8

It's a software that will help you remain connected to the YouTube website
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Tube Downloader Tool Bar

Tube Downloader Tool Bar is a very interesting add-on for your Web browser that you can install easily and quickly in your system. You will find it is a very useful utility for downloading and working on YouTube videos, or other pages with similar content. This powerful yet light toolbar includes several applets that will make the downloading task really easy, and you can also uninstall it easily in case you decide to.

Besides, this toolbar includes non-video related functions, like an applet that will let you access many games, and play online. You also use an embedded audio player for tuning in to online radio stations. On top of this, you can also search the Web using another of the tools included – this searching utility is the equivalent to making multiple searches on several of the main search engines out there, all at the same time. You can even be automatically notified about new e-mails you receive - however, you need to provide your e-mail address and password for this tool to work, which is not a choice I would recommend in general terms, for obvious security reasons.

Finally, this toolbar used to work together with a web site whose main purpose was to provide you with video conversion tasks, called "Dirpy" Project; but unfortunately, the owners decided to discontinue it, which diminishes the usefulness of this toolbar.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very quick to install
  • Multiple tools and applets included
  • Uninstaller available


  • Video conversions are no longer available
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